Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Ladies. This is how you 'sportluxe'. Well... when you are in glorious heels and a tight leather skirt, in fact there is very little 'sport' going. It's mostly entirely luxe. And on top of all the luxuriousness, I've finally added that long awaited pop of colour. Yes, I do remember that there are different shades other than black and white (and grey).    

Photos by Annisa

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Casual with a twist. That's how I would describe this outfit. I like my everyday attire to have a level of smart, sophistication about it. But of course, practicality and comfort are the two big must haves. Structured shorts, like these, tick all the boxes. Paired with a lounge tank top. Dressed up with a statement necklace. This makes for the perfect balance. 

Wearing: Cameo top, Asos shorts, Sistaco necklace, and Wittner shoes.

Photos by Annisa

Sunday, 6 April 2014


And so we meet again. T-shirt and shorts combo. I know it must seem like that is all I wear (which isn't too far from the truth), but unlike many other fashion bloggers, I like to show how to re-wear items in a practical way. I want to show how investing in a few 'mix-and-matchable' pieces can expand your possible outfits tenfold. My tip for keeping everything 'on trend' is pick some items with different textures and prints that can work well together. It keeps an outfit from being so one dimensional.

Wearing: Finders Keepers t-shirt, Sabo Skirt shorts, Sportsgirl bag, and Wittner shoes.

Photos by Annisa 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Boy oh boy! It has been quite the week. (And it's not even over yet.) I've come face to face with lot of challenges. Many I've triumphed against. Others are ongoing battles. Despite this lingering stress, I'm taking the time to rest and re-fuel. We can burn out so suddenly when professional, physical and emotional strains take over. A simple night off, to do nothing but the things you enjoy (like blogging), can be just the restart you need. Now go take care of yourselves. That's an order!

Wearing: Kmart blouse, Cameo skirt and Asos shoes.

Photos by Annisa