Tuesday, 31 March 2015


It's been quite a while blogosphere. Break. Holiday. Hiatus. Temporary abandonment. Call it what you will. I needed one. So far this year has been so much busier than I could've ever imagined. While I like the structure and certainty each day of being busy brings, I loathe the lack of down time. Hours fly by and the days seem to go even faster - I know that's not how time works, but just go with it.

Perhaps to overcompensate with my lack of outfits recently, I've chosen one of my favourite outfits from my (not so) recent venture to Melbourne. It's grand - a little bit broody and moody - just the way I like it. So I'd like to welcome you back to my quaint corner of the internet. Though I'm sure you always knew that I'd be back before too long.

H&M Dress | Senso Heels

Friday, 20 February 2015


As it's in stark contrast to my last post, I thought I'd warn you that this one will be a rant. Okay, here goes. I am over it. And by 'it', I clearly mean flakey people. The ones who can't commit. The ones who commit then bail last minute. The ones who can't even be bothered thinking up a good excuse. I am over them all. While actions speak louder than words, inaction is deafening. People make certain accommodations if you say that you are going to do something. Though when you coward away from a promise, it doesn't just inconvenience them. Ultimately, it's your reliability, trustworthiness and honesty that comes under question. Don't want that to happen? Simple. Do what you promise. End of.

Asos Crop Top | Ally Skirt | Senso Heels

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Love. It seems like a fitting topic given Valentine's Day has just been. We all experience it, albeit in different ways. Love can manifest itself in a variety of circumstances, often with unexpected people.  While it's nice to be loved, there's something far more precious, at least for me. I live for loving. To have another allow you to love them - for them to be vulnerable enough to accept your adoration and encouragement - that's what's truly special about love. So while others may wish away "bloody Valentine's" for it reminds them of a romantic love they are missing; I look forward to the gentle reminder on February the 14th to express my appreciation for the family and friends whom I cherish.

Cotton On Playsuit | Monki Jacket | Senso Heels